Humanities B: Second Language

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Essential Skills:

  • Communication
  • Personal & Social Responsibility
  • Critical Thinking

3 credit hours

One course from the list below at the appropriate level, determined by placement. Qualified students may count 300- and 400-level classes toward the area.

To survive the Borderlands
you must live sin fronteras
be a crossroads.

Gloria E. Anzaldúa, Borderlands/La Frontera
  • Explore the relationship between languages and cultural identities
  • Explain and understand ideas through speaking, listening, reading and writing in a second language
  • Design strategies for communicating across borders
  • Identify values, terms, and ideas that are important to linguistic communities

  Only entry-level language classes are listed here, but another language class may satisfy this requirement based on placement

For qualified students who meet the necessary pre-requisites and placement, upper-division courses at the appropriate level may be taken in fulfillment of general education in this area. Students with advanced skills in a language (as measured by ACTFL proficiency levels) can work with their advisor, departmental faculty to identify the appropriate level and course. This may entail taking a placement exam in some language programs.


Course NumberNameDescription
ARBC 1130Arabic I
CHIN 1130Mandarin Chinese I Intensive
FREN 1110French I
GREK 1110Greek I and II
GRMN 1110German I
ITAL 1130Italian I
JAPN 1130Japanese Intensive I
LATN 1110Latin I
NAVA 1110Navajo I
PORT 1110Portuguese I
RUSS 1110Russian I
SIGN 2125Introduction to Signed Language
SPAN 1110Spanish I
SPAN 1210Spanish for Heritage Learners I
SWAH 1110Swahili I

*These courses are only offered through the UNM Branch Campuses.