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Essential Skills:

  • Communication
  • Information and Digital Literacy
  • Critical Thinking

6 credit hours

English 1120, plus an additional course chosen from the list below.

this journey/ we take on the blank page/ to a poem
not always knowing of our going
but if we find it
it is like finding/ our reflection/ in water
for a moment unrecognizable

Octavio Quintanilla, Visual Translated Poetry Exhibition
  • Explore how we create relationships through the communications that we use.
  • Explain ideas in the forms that are effective in college, at work, and in diverse communities.
  • Design strategies to communicate in different situations and with diverse people.
  • Identify where information comes from and whether a source is trustworthy.


Yucca symbol = This course also meets the U.S. Global Diversity requirement.

Course NumberNameDescription
COMM 1130Public Speaking
COMM 2121Interpersonal Health Communication
COMP 2225Health, Illness, Culture
ENGL 1120Composition III
ENGL 2120Intermediate Composition
ENGL 2210Professional & Technical Communication
GEOG 2115Information Design for Science and Society
HNRS 2112Public Rhetoric and Discourse
IADL 1110Introduction to Information Studies
PHIL 1120Logic, Reasoning, & Critical Thinking