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6 credit hours

English 1120, plus an additional course chosen from the following:
  • Communication 1130
  • English 2120, 2210
  • Philosophy 1120
  • University Honors 201

Students who do not place into English 1120 may apply the credit hours from the prerequisite English 1110 (or the equivalent English 1110Y or English 1110Z) to help fulfill Area 8 requirements (see below).

this journey/ we take on the blank page/ to a poem
not always knowing of our going
but if we find it
it is like finding/ our reflection/ in water
for a moment unrecognizable

Octavio Quintanilla, Visual Translated Poetry Exhibition
  • Explore how we create relationships through the communications that we use.
  • Explain ideas in the forms that are effective in college, at work, and in diverse communities.
  • Design strategies to communicate in different situations and with diverse people.
  • Identify where information comes from and whether a source is trustworthy.


Course NumberNameDescription
COMM 1130Public Speaking
ENGL 1120Composition III
ENGL 2120Intermediate Composition
ENGL 2210Professional & Technical Communication
PHIL 1120Logic, Reasoning, & Critical Thinking
UHON 201Seminar in Public Rhetoric and Discourse