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Physical and Natural Sciences

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4 credit hours

One course and, where applicable, the related laboratory:
  • Anthropology 1170 and 1170L, 1135 and 1135L, 1211 and 1211L
  • Astronomy 1115 and 1115L
  • Biology 1110 and 1110L, 1140 and 1140L
  • Chemistry 1110, 1120C, 1215 and 1215L, 1225 and 1225L, 131, 132
  • Computer Science 108L
  • Environmental Science 1130 and 1130L
  • Geography 1160 and 1160L
  • Geology 1110 and 1110L, 2110C
  • Natural Science 1110, 1120, 2110
  • Physics 1110, 1115 and 1115L, 1125 and 1125L, 1230 and 1230L, 1240 and 1240L, 1310 and 1310L, 1320 and 1320L
  • University Honors 203 and 203L

We dreamed an organization dedicated to young people like us
[...] who dared to dream of a world where both forests and islands
stay rooted
who believe that this world
is worth fighting for

Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, Utilomar
  • Explore how physical and natural systems work and are sustained.
  • Explain how different peoples perceive, affect, and are affected by physical and natural systems.
  • Design and evaluate experiments to discover more about life and environment.
  • Identify when information is based on scientific research.


Course NumberNameDescription
ANTH 1135 Evolution & Human Emergence
ANTH 1135L Evolution & Human Emergence Lab
ANTH 1170 Human Life
ANTH 1170L Computer Lab in Human Evolutionary Ecology
ANTH 1211 Archeological Method and Theory
ANTH 1211L Archeological Method and Theory Lab
ASTR 1115 Introduction to Astronomy (LEC)
ASTR 1115L Introduction to Astronomy Lab
BIOL 1110 General Biology
BIOL 1110L General Biology Lab
BIOL 1140Biology for Health Sciences
BIOL 1140L Biology for Health Sciences Lab
CHEM 1110 Chemistry in Our Community
CHEM 1120C Introduction to Chemistry for Non-Majors Lecture and Lab
CHEM 1215 General Chemistry I for STEM Majors
CHEM 1215L General Chemistry I Lab for STEM Majors
CHEM 1217Principles of Chemistry I
CHEM 1225 General Chemistry II for STEM Majors
CHEM 1225L General Chemsitry II Lab for STEM Majors
CHEM 1227Principles of Chemistry II
CS 108L Computer Science for All
ENVS 1130Environmental Geology
ENVS 1130LEnvironmental Geology Lab
GEOG 1160 Home Planet: Land, Water, Life
GEOG 1160L Home Planet Lab
GEOL 1110 Physical Geology
GEOL 1110L Physical Geology Lab
GEOL 1120 Environmental Geology
GEOL 1120L Environmental Geology Lab
GEOL 2110C Historical Geology Lecture and Lab
NTSC 1110* Physical Science for Teachers
NTSC 1120*Life Science for Teachers
NTSC 2110* Environmental Science for Teachers
PHYS 1110 Physics and Society
PHYS 1115 Survey of Physics
PHYS 1115L Survey of Physics Lab
PHYS 1125 Physics of Music
PHYS 1125L Physics of Music Lab
PHYS 1230 Algebra-based Physics I
PHYS 1230L Algebra-based Physics I Lab
PHYS 1240 Algebra-based Physics II
PHYS 1240L Algebra-based Physics II Lab
PHYS 1310 Calculus-based Physics I
PHYS 1310L Calculus-based Physics I Lab
PHYS 1320 Calculus-based Physics II
PHYS 1320L Calculus-based Physics II Lab
UHON 203 Seminar in Science in the 21st Century
UHON 203LSeminar in Science in the 21st Century (Lab)