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Arts and Design

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3 credit hours

One course chosen from the following courses:
  • Architecture 1120
  • Art History 1120, 2110, 2120
  • Dance 1110
  • Fine Art 284
  • Film and Digital Media Arts 1520, 2110
  • Music 1120, 1130
  • Theatre 1110
  • University Honors 207

Alternatively, students may elect to take one 3-credit hour studio course offered by the Departments of Art, Film and Digital Arts, Music, or Theatre and Dance to fulfill this requirement. Completion of prerequisites for the studio course is required as necessary.

a piano is trying to break a molecule
is trying to lift the stage into orbit
around the red spotlights

Victor Hernández Cruz, Latin & Soul
  • Explore how diverse human values and experiences contribute to the making and uses of art.
  • Explain the cultural sources and outcomes of creativity in the arts and design
  • Design a performance, a work of art, a landscape or building
  • Identify how arts and design are produced and how they affect different people and communities.


Course NumberNameDescription
ARCH 1120 Introduction to Architecture
ARTH 1120 Introduction to Art
ARTH 2110History of Art I
ARTH 2120 History of Art II
DANC 1110 Dance Appreciation
FA 284 Experiencing the Arts
FDMA 1520 Introduction to Film & Digital Media
FDMA 2110 Introduction to Film Studies
MUSC 1120 Music Appreciation: Rock and Roll
MUSC 1130 Music Appreciation: Western Music
THEA 1110 Introduction to Theatre
UHON 207 Seminar in Fine Arts as Global Perspective