General Education Curriculum

General Education empowers students to face a rapidly changing world with the ability to frame questions and solve problems. Complementing the major, GenEd courses provide a set of strategies: communication, critical thinking, information analysis, quantitative skills, and responsibility towards local and global communities. In many GenEd courses, students address urgent problems directly through undergraduate research, race and social justice analysis, global awareness, community engagement, and innovation. By providing a base of knowledge and flexible tools for thinking, GenEd courses equip students for success throughout their education and after graduation.

Exploring different GenEd areas can be a great college strategy to find out what really interests you. Or, if you have a major in mind, your advisor can help you identify some courses to help you prepare for your next steps. Either way, browsing the course descriptions in each area of study will help you find courses that take you to unexpected places.

General Education is a total of 31 credit hours spread across each of the areas listed below. This website reflects the most current General Education Program course list under the 2024-2025 UNM Catalog. To review the GenEd lists under prior catalogs, please click here.

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